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Vantage Strength

Lifting Chalk Liquid

Lifting Chalk Liquid

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As you head into your next workout, one thing you’ll want to be sure of is that your grip strength isn’t the one thing that’s going to hold you back from seeing maximum results. When your grip fails, you’ll fall short of completing your set and hit, what could have been a personal best.

To help ensure this never happens, check out Chalk Liquid by Vantage Strength. This product goes on easily and feels great on your hands, never sticky and can prevent losing hold of your grip and dropping the weight.

When you use Chalk Liquid by Vantage Strength, you’ll:
  • Feel secure when you grip the bar. No more feeling the bar roll around in your hands or feel as though it’s shifting lower and lower as you lift the weight. This can give you added confidence that you can, in fact, hit the weight you’re going for
  • Provide antibacterial protection. This is one of the few chalk products out there that will also help to prevent unwanted bacteria from transferring to your hands
  • Not transfer to the equipment. How many times have you walked up to a bar only to notice it’s all chalky from the person who used it last? This is not only annoying but messy. With Chalk Liquid, you won’t be ‘that person…’
  • Easily washed it off with soap and water so when you’re done your workout, there’s no unwanted residue to contend with
  • Dry in seconds, leaving your hands feeling great and you ready to hit the set ahead
  • Prevent unwanted (and painful!) calluses and blisters
  • Convenient size allows you to easily just clip it right onto your gym bag, so you’ll always have it with you when in need

Chalk Liquid is the perfect gym companion for anyone who’s lifting hard and heavy. If you’ve struggled to maintain your grip before, you’ll find this product invaluable when you first try it.

Chalk Liquid by Vantage Strength is made from 100% premium magnesium carbonate so is safe to use, a non-irritant, and is perfect for just about any gym goer.

Don’t let your grip be your weakest link any longer. Get Chalk Liquid by Vantage Strength working for you and prepare to hit more PB’s than you’ve hit before.

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