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Optimum Nutrition

Amino Energy

Amino Energy

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We have said this so many times before BUT they have done it AGAIN!!

Optimum Nutrition, who is arguably the leading brand in the supplement industry to date, have just re-pioneered their ever so popular Amino Energy and made yet another cracking spin-off product!

  • Real Tea
  • Anytime Energy
  • Muscle Recovery

Combining their tried and tested amino blend made famous in all of their Amino Energy series, Optimum Nutrition has created a Tea-infused Amino Energy that is designed to give you both metabolic support and antioxidant activity.

Whether you are looking for something refreshing to drink on a hot summers day, need that smooth long lasting energy or want to increase muscle recovery, Amino Energy Tea Series is the perfect partner in crime!

Core Ingredients

Amino Blend

The amino acid blend combines all essential amino acids required to be consumed for optimal recovery, cellular health and performance. With added Taurine, Citrulline and Beta Alanine as well, the amino acid blend is designed to maximise muscle recovery, enhance nutrient uptake, improve blood flow and also to reduce the negative impacts of lactic acid through increased buffering capacity, which reduces fatigue and improves intensity output.


Caffeine has long been touted as the most effective ergogenic aid currently still to this day. Supplementing with caffeine supports an increase in energy production through CNS stimulation, helps prevent sedation and is a fantastic stimulant for increasing lipolysis while simultaneously reducing hunger.

Green Tea Leaf Extract

Supplementing with Green Tea extract provides a high dose of antioxidants to help fight free radical damage while simultaneously supporting metabolic health and performance.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green Coffee Bean Extract is a potent serving of chlorogenic acid, which is found naturally in coffee beans and has been linked to improving fat loss and supporting healthy heart function.

Final Thoughts

Amino Energy Tea Series is the perfect refreshing, clean energy drink for everyday use but also for anyone looking to support fat loss or enhance muscle recovery.

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