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Complete Aminos

Complete Aminos

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Complete Aminos is an advanced recovery formula designed to be used peri-workout, with preference for the intra or post workout phase being the most optimal time to use this formula.

  • Rapid Recovery
  • Stronger Immunity
  • Reduced Soreness

Designed to stimulate maximal muscle protein synthesis, Complete Aminos combines highly effective patented ingredients alongside tried and tested amino acids that have been shown to increase recovery speed, reduce muscle soreness and to prevent muscle loss in times of high risk.

Complete Aminos can be used on its own, mixed with carbohydrates for greater energy delivery or consumed alongside Carni-Strip if looking to maximise fat loss while minimising muscle loss.

Core Ingredients


PeptoPro is a predigested casein protein, that has been hydrolysed to ensure maximum absorption is achieved with minimum gastric stress. With more than 60% being di and tri-peptides, PeptoPro provides instantaneous amino delivery into the blood stream to ensure optimal muscle recovery, reduced muscle soreness and increased muscle growth.


Derived from naturally fermented sources, L-Glutamine supports gut health, strengthens your immune system and enhances muscle recovery around exercise due to exercise induced glutamine depletion.

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s)

Making up a large amount of muscle tissue, BCAA’s are the building blocks of muscle tissue and support cognitive function during exercises as well due to their interaction with key neurotransmitters.

Final Thoughts

Complete Aminos is a complete protein formula that has been pre-digested and fortified with free form amino acids to ensure optimal recovery is achieved in as minimal time as possible.

Complete Aminos is 100% safe for use in all WADA/ASADA athletes and drug tested professionals. Consume with 100% confidence.

Amino Recovery Supplement Facts

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