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Faction Labs

Disorder Ulimate

Disorder Ulimate

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If you were after an intense and potent pre-workout, we have the answer! Disorder Ultimate by Faction Labs. This strong pre-workout contains all the ingredients set to deliver energy, performance, and pump! Say goodbye to average workout sessions.

Disorder Ultimate is not for the faint at heart! This pre-workout has been carefully formulated, so you don’t need to double-scoop. You’ll push to your limits so you can reach peak performance in and out of the gym. It’s time to smash all your results with Disorder Ultimate by Faction Labs.

What are the benefits of Disorder Ultimate by Faction Labs?

  • Faction Labs’ most explosive pre workout
  • Super high stim formula
  • Clinically dosed ingredients
  • Support performance and energy production

What’s the difference between Faction Labs Disorder Ultimate and Disorder?

Faction Labs has carefully formulated Disorder Ultimate as their strongest and most potent pre-workout. It contains all the ingredients you can find in the original Disorder, but think bigger and better dosage! If you are a seasoned gym goer, you might want to give Disorder Ultimate a try. Otherwise, the original Disorder is for the regular gym goer but with less punch.

Can I double-scoop Disorder Ultimate by Faction Labs?

No, Disorder Ultimate has been carefully formulated, so there’s no need for double scooping. One serving delivers everything you need to crush your workout.

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