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Zombie Labs

Molotov Fat Burner

Molotov Fat Burner

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PERFORM LIKE A ZOMBIE – Zombies never stop despite the barriers in front of them. Molotov will provide you with the nutrients to go FULL ZOMBIE on your workouts or game.


BURN BABY BURN – Molotov contains nutrients like GBBGO® & Piperine to support thermogenesis and fire things up.


BEYOND ENERGY – Molotov contains a blend of Caffeine, Synephrine, B Vitamins plus more to give you that beyond living dead boost.


HYPER FOCUS – Zombies stay focussed on one goal and the nootropic blend containing Mesembrine, Pterostilbene & Alpinia in Molotov will lock in your laser sharp focus on results.


BALANCE – The addition of Chromium, Glycine, ALCAR and other essential nutrients helps to support that zombie balance and reduce your desire to chomp too much.

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