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BIM Stainless Shaker

BIM Stainless Shaker

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Sick of your protein shake becoming warm with an hour? This is perfect for all of your pre, intra and post workout essentials. Great for the office worker and for those longer trips with stainless steel to keep your products cold!

The BODY IN MOTION STAINLESS STEEL SHAKER holds up to 800ml liquid and represents a best-in-class advancement in sports nutrition accessories. With improved reliability, sturdiness and a design that is 100% leak proof this accessory delivers in every aspect.

Stainless Steel

BODY IN MOTION STEEL SHAKER main body is made from stainless steel to ensure a completely unique shaker experience. The metal walls offer an improved level of insulation and keep liquid cooler than plastic.

Leak Proof Lid

BODY IN MOTION STEEL SHAKER comes equipped with a 100% leak proof lid that is guaranteed to deliver.

Unmatched style

BODY IN MOTION STEEL SHAKER is an unmissable and stylish way to take your sports nutrition. Time to step your game up! With 4 awesome colours to choose from you will find the best style to fit your style!

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